Thumbs up Great Experience

A great experience - again. My next 3 Watches arrived and all together I bought 15+ Watches and several Spareparts from Francis now - all without any Problems. Altough not all watches were listed on his Website - of course he can source any Watch for you, like all TD´s can do.

He offers great Service options, fair prices and the best payment options available, especially when youre within the EU.

I´ve heard some say, that he is not the fastest TD here - but rest assured, that you will get what you want in good Quality without headache, and i don´t mind, if it takes one day more or less, as long as at the end, i get good watches, good service and good communication.

Thats why my next Order will most likely be again from Mr. Timezone.

My experience and review of MRTZ

Hey All, just thought I’d note down of how my transaction with MRTZ went. First of all, I decided to buy from MRTZ over the other TDs based on the good communication and the fact Francis is a native English speaker and the additional services MRTZ has to offer. Of these, notably are the fact that if the watch gets held up by customs (and you have proof) they would send another watch and if the watch arrives dead they would reimburse you a small fee to get it repaired at a watchmaker on the forums as opposed to send the watch back to China (which they also do).

The watch I wanted was a v2 NOOB Daytona 116500LN Panda face and having contacted Francis who told me that it wasn’t in stock, I was told it could be ordered in. After deliberating for a week or 2, I decided to take the plunge and order and paid via WU.

13th Aug paid via WU

Due to the backorders and demand of this particular watch and model (across all TDs as stated on the forums) a lot of orders took time to process but I got my QC pics on the 6th Sept.

Asked for further clarification on some of the pics (dirt or scuff; turned out to be just dirt); 10th September.

Received tracking number on the 18th Sept; quite late, but understandable due to storms in the area; you may have heard about this on the news.

Received the watch on the 19th (believe the watch was actually sent on the 14th)

All in all, I was very happy with the service, the comms with Francis himself via PM on the forums was fantastic; responses within 24h or so. I did get emails from the people that worked for Francis, but I felt it was easier just to discuss progress on the forum via PM to Francis then via the respective email.

I would most definitely recommend MRTZ and I will be buying from Francis again!

Experience Report – Order MrTimezone

Since one or the other has already asked me, I would like to share my experiences with MrTimezone here.

After the need to call my own a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms ever bigger and coincidentally this watch has just been reissued and even appeared in blue with titanium case, I decided to order one.

Shortly before MrTimezone appeared on the scene and in me the thought matured this dealer, especially since I was known one or the other name of those working there, to order.

Said done, I wrote MrTimezone if the clock was available and this was confirmed to me in a timely manner.

This good piece is:

click me

Here the story could be over ... order, pay and be good, but it always comes differently.

My brother-in-law has been lying in my ears for some time to get him a watch. So we wait until the Lord has made his thoughts what it should be. The explanations why I order at MrTimezone and not at SuperETAWatchesAAAQualitiy.defrom Castop-Rauxel you can imagine. After some time he knew what he wanted and I asked for the clock. A short time later, I was also confirmed this availability, so that I could have ordered if, yes, if I had not had the idea with a ZG Strapbauer to build a ray. This must of course be closed by means of folding clasp. So again the poor MrTimezone approached if because a deployment clasp was available. After some back and forth we had found one, so that I could order now.

The order process was really easy, since it was a custom order I have made the appropriate information on the website, entered the amount mentioned me, selected Triangle Shipping and off goes the wild ride. A timely email came from Billing with my link for a PayPal payment. I was a bit confused about the amount, but had just overlooked the 2, something% on a PayPal payment be pitched. Actually fat and fat on the website: Facepalm:

The payment went smoothly and then the waiting started. Unfortunately, the whole tintellei had delayed the matter so far that the Chinese Labor Day decency and the factories have made a few days. After they resumed their work, everything else went as expected. One after the other, the QC pictures of the watches came in, the folding clasp took the longest. The QC I was able to nod on the first attempt, even if I have seen better pictures. They were supposed to practice photography a bit, but on the whole, everything was in the pictures. The communication was fast and very pleasant all the time (whole sentences in an English that makes me feel more ignorant 😉 )

So far the experience has been positive, as I expect from a TD.

Now something happened that I did not expect.

I got the message from MrTimezone that the order has now been completed and the watches have gone to shipping, that was Saturday night sometime. After that radio silence. So should the miserable wait start here?

Coincidentally, I then looked Tuesday in my mail spam folder just to find a mail from MrTimezone with the Royal Mail TrackingNr.

Note: Check SpamOrdner regularly

But continue. How could it be, the tracking did not show anything. Usual crap stop. In addition, the AfterShip Link was in my opinion anyway wrong, he referred to DHL.

On Wednesday, the status changed to the Royal Mail enforcement reported and said that the package was in Germany. All desperate tracks at GLS kept bringing the same ... nothing. So wait again and hope that someday the GLS number of MrTimezone comes. But that did not come, but what came was the postman on Thursday of a small package squeezed into my hand. One can imagine my surprise when this turned out to be the longed for watch package. This is currently the fastest shipping that I have experienced in a TD, as even takes seads EU stick sometimes longer. Thanks MrTimezone

In summary, I can say that I will probably order again at MrTimezone. The delays in the beginning were with me, if you behave like a noob, and the current generally difficult situation in the land of smiles regarding Armrotz in general.

I think the next time I even take the wholesale price and try my luck. If the shipping goes on like that he is the fastest shipper anyway.


I introduce the clock here .

Happy Mr. TimeZone Customer

There was a discussion recently of Mr. TimeZone getting off to a bumpy start here, and I mentioned my own issues with delays in that thread. I did receive my watch a couple of days ago (and i updated my comment on that thread), and overall the time from order to receipt was just about three weeks, which isn't bad. I paid via bitcoin for a PAM 438, all ceramic, all black, including the bracelet. This is a great watch that my friend owns and is about $14k new. The watch is very nearly perfect and other than the feel of the movement when the crown is out I cannot tell the difference between the two.

Also interesting to note, this watch has been discontinued and the last few gens are being sold by the dealers now.  The dealers say the watch is too difficult to produce (the bracelet in particular). I find that funny since the rep factories seem to be able to produce a nearly identical product for ~$400.

This is a unique watch, there is nothing else quite like it, and I enjoy having it in my collection. I am happy with Mr. TimeZone. They have fantastic prices and I just placed my second order with them.

Positive experience with TimeZone

I had ordered a ceramic inlay for a Noob 116610.

The process was smooth, the inlay fits perfectly.

Communication very, very good.

I would recommend him.

My REALLY good experience with Mr.TimeZone

Hi guys
I would like to post a review of my realllyyyy good experience with Francis and Mr.TimeZone

So let's go to the facts :

01 - April 14th - sent an information request about availability of the B&R 03-92 diver and the available discount offers
02 - April 16th - Francis confirmed me about the discount offers and said that their billing service would send me an email as soon as the availability of the B&R would be confirmed
03 - April 17th - Cindy from billing service sent me an email that confirmed the B&R 03.92 availability and gave me the price, discount and payment informations
04 - April 18th - went to payment process

Here I must say that things did NOT went easily.
Mr.TimeZone asked me to pay via Moneygram, then Xoom, the Ria ... none of those methods worked.
No my fault, not Francis fault, but we loosed some time.

05 - April 20th - payment sent via WU
06 - April 23th - payment picked up

Then I waited a little for the QC Pics ... a little long I would say 

07 - Mai 9th - received the QC Pics from Jan - 17 pics - I wrote back about some possible scratch/dust on the lower crownguard

Jean was a little long to answer but apologize for the delay

08 - May 12th - received new close-up pics of the clean crown-guards confirming it was just dust
09 - May 12th - accepted the watch and ask for the tracking number
10 - May 15th - received tracking number
11 - May 23th - received the watch, perfectly and bombproof protected

So all in all it took me about 4 weeks from paying to receiving the watch, which is no that long when you live where I live.
Mr.TimeZone could have be a little faster to send the QC Pics but well ... I already had watches to tell me time (and history) while waiting for that one.
About the communication I would give them a 9/10 but it could have been a 10/10 if Jan had answered a little faster about the CGs supposed issue.

So I'll definitely buy again from Francis and his squad.
Their prices are good, their communication is good, they send many QC Pics showing every part of the watch, they send quickly when watch approved ... what else ?
In fact in the next minutes I'll send to Jan an enquiry about another watch and some spare parts.

Thanks for reading

Perfect transaction

I'm happy with the MrTimeZone's service, asked for spare part (ARF sub bracelet and clasp 904l), the comunication was very kind and fast, QC images sent, very well packaged, just on the shipping time i have to say something (probably too slow) but it is a "must"  in the rep game, patience first, nothing of new 
I'll definitely will buy again!!!!
Thank you very much!

MrTimeZone – Transferwise Payment Method

I'm going to update this thread as I try out a new method of paying our lovely TD MrTimeZone.

They're the first TD that I'm aware of that offers payment via Transferwise.

For those that don't know, Transferwise is a good way of sending money internationally. I've used them before on some large payments and I've saved hundreds and hundreds of pounds on single transactions compared to say bank transfer or similar. It basically works out a hell of a lot cheaper than other methods out there, both in terms of the fee they charge (sensible), but most importantly, the currency exchange rates they offer (which are super competitive). End result is it will save you money overall, plus you can send payments easily from the comfort of your armchair - sort of like PayPal, but it should be  significantly cheaper.


Revolutionary innit.