How To Order Multiple Watches/Spare Parts Using the Custom Order Form

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Currently the custom order form can only take one watch / spare part per order. We are fixing this issue. However, in the meantime, you can use the order form in this way to get all your watches/spare parts in a single order.

1. First go to the Custom Order page.

2. Then you will be taken to the Custom Order webpage.


3. In the Brand area, where you would normally just input the brand for a single watch, enter more than one watch in this manner :

Brand of Watch 1 [comma] Model of Watch 1 [semicolon] Brand of Watch 2 [comma] Model of Watch 2 …

4. In the Model area, where you would normally put the model  description , just put Various.

5. In the Your Price area, enter the total amount of the watches (in this case, $338 + $628 = $966).

6. In the Additional Notes area, you will put in the reference link for each watch and then the price given to you. You will then end up with a display looking like this.


7. Click ADD TO CART. You will be taken to the next screen.


8. You can then proceed to checkout to finalize the details, select payment method, shipping method, shipping address etc. After this process you will be given an order #, then just wait for the email from sales/billing to arrive. :)

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